Why Choose GNS ?

GNS Medical Supplies is dedicated to making sure that your supplies are delivered on time each and every time. It is our mission to not only provide you the best medical supplies possible but to also give back to each and every one of our clients’ and members of the community with a disability that are in need of assistance. We are the only medical supplier that turns your business into grants for anyone in the community in need. We give back 30% to support our clients and community. Don’t miss out of being a part of something great for yourself and your community! Give us a call today!!!

Meet Our Team

Sharina Jones

Team Member

Sharina Jones was only five years old when she was the victim of a shooting which left her unable to walk. This tragedy helped to define her purpose in life; to inspire…

Brittany Maxwell

Team Member

Brittany Maxwell has dedicated her adult life to helping others to push past their own insecurities and live the life desired, despite any disability. This desire came…

Billy Vickers

Business Development Manager

Billy Vickers has a deep love for the outdoors and sports. He attended Olivet college where he excelled in academics and Sports and was a member of the college’s…

Amber Marcy

Business Development Manager

Amber Marcy is currently the Vice President of the Board of Disability Network /Lakeshore, where she has served for several years. Amber became quadriplegic …



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About Us

Gaining New Self Medical Supplies (“GNS”) was created out of the desire to provide quality medical supplies while also giving back to the community by enabling people. Sharina Jones has been known for her selflessness and creating ways to help those in need which is how GNS was established. We are a medical supply company that uses profits as a way to give grants to our clients and the community with a disability. What sets us apart is the fact that we offer more than medical supplies, we offer peer mentoring and resources to help you achieve your dreams. It is our mission to enable people beyond what they ever thought possible and disable the stereotypes of individuals with a disability. GNS Medical Supplies has one goal, enabling people and disabling stereotypes by giving 30% back to our clients’ and anyone in the community with a disability in need to help them reach their goals.